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Who are the compassionate friends

‘The Compassionate Friends is a worldwide organisation, which was founded in England in 1969 and established in Victoria in 1978. It is a mutual assistance, self-help organisation offering friendship and understanding to families following the death of a child, sibling & grandchild of any age and from any cause. The primary purpose is to assist them in the rebuilding of their lives after the death of their child, sibling & grandchild and to support their efforts to achieve, emotional and mental health.’

When a child dies, no matter their age or the cause of death, grief lasts for longer than society in general recognises. It can take a long time before you regain any sense of normality in your life.

When you lose a sibling your whole world changes – your grasp on the past, your experience of the present and your hopes for the future.

At The Compassionate Friends you will find the special understanding of those who have “been there”. There is no pressure to talk or not talk, cry or not cry, just a chance to be yourself, to have time-out.

We offer a safe haven, a listening and understanding ear, a place where you can let down the mask, and if you wish, talk about your son or daughter, brother or sister who has died. We don’t promise a miracle cure, just comfort and the consolation and hope that broken threads can be picked up again.

The Compassionate Friends – Victoria Inc.
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Compassionate Partners

If you would like to get involved on a more serious level, please Get In Touch. Any and all help will be gratefully received.